World Summit of Pediatric GI and Nutrition
“Gastroenterology for General Pediatricians”
Welcome to our congress

Dear professors and colleagues
On behalf of the board, I would like invite you to attend and participate in World Summit on Pediatric GI and Nutrition held in Cairo, 25 - 26 July 2019.

The main theme of the WSPGIN congress will be ‘Gastroenterology for General Pediatricians’. So international and national experts will present the most common gastrointestinal and nutritional problems to the general pediatricians. It will be conducted in an evidence based model with the guidelines approach. We think this will have a direct impact both on the general practice and on the gastroenterology specialty itself.

Separate sessions for Q and A will be settled in a new model. This will give the chance for participants to discuss their own practical concerns. The organizing committee promises to provide support for some selected novel researches, accepted in this congress, till they are published in the international journals.

It goes without saying that socio –cultural arrangements will satisfy the participants. So your families should not miss this opportunity. Last but not the least, this conference is yours. It will not succeed what so ever without your kind and active participation.

Please accept my wishes .

Professor Mostafa El-Hodhod
President of the WSPGIN

Head of Pediatric department, Faculty of Medicine

Ain Shams University